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Originally Posted by Best Body View Post
Actually, there is big, big money in the NBA for winning games, and winning games requires playing defense for more than 3 minutes per game. I think you like college basketball, which is good, but it stops you from watching the NBA games with an open mind. In contrast to what you said, there is actually incredible defense played in the league. If you watched any of the Bulls / Heat game yesterday, you would have seen an example. I think there are simply guys in the NBA that have unguardable moves combined with unbelievable quickness and strength, who can get off shots you simply can't stop without fouling. That doesn't mean no one is guarding them. There are also lots of guys with very limited offensive roles that get paid millions to be monsters on the defensive end of the floor. If they weren't playing defense hard all the time, those guys simply wouldn't be in the league getting paid.

UC has historically had teams with extremely athletic guys, capable, of playing excellent defense. At times, it has lacked players with elite offensive skills. When recruiting, coaches most often have to choose players that can bring one or the other. It has been the philosophy of UC to focus on defense, for better or worse. That is why you don't see alot of short, slow kids that are great passers and 3 point shooters come here.

Other teams, like for example Missouri, had some success this year in college basketball, despite not being able to play defense well, at all. But they could stroke the 3.

Players that are great on both ends of the floor are often the very top prospects, and are difficult to land, and end up mostly at a few select schools.
I agree with this post, NBA players are inhumanly good. You don't really realize how good they are until you go to a game and see the pregame shoot around, these guys make every shot when they are not guarded.

There are only around 360 NBA players in the league, with only so many openings every year because of cuts and retirement. The NBA is easily the hardest pro league to make it into. The average college team has 0 future NBA players on it.
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