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Originally Posted by Best Body View Post
Alot of people on their high horse, but Gates is the one who threw the sucker punch, and as much as i will miss him, he was the worst offender and biggest punk in the brawl. I don't remember a bunch of people on here complaining about him playing at the end of the season, or refusing to have their kids attend games bc he was there, etc.. I think the whole "punk" / "boycott the x game" thinking is just an excuse to want to duck them.
I think it's a mistake to continue the series right now. I would suspend the series for a few years and then restart it sometime down the road. A cooling off period is needed right now. Anyone who works with and lives with a lot of X grads (like I do) knows that they absolutely live for this game, and for the opportunity to provoke us. I say suspend the series for at least 3 years so that the XU folks know that we can (and will) pull the plug again if it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, the series will probably continue as money will be the driver, and we will get sucked in again by the hype. I don't see any positives for us to play them right now.
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Here are the positives as I see them right now:
1.) We continue the most underrated rivalry in college basketball and Cincinnati plays the cleanest but most physical game possible thereby getting rid of the "thug" image that we've been labeled with. If they punch us we need to smile and walk away from them like we did in the Frease Headbutt and Tu Holloway punching situations of previous years. And we need to win with grace if we're up big like the last time the game was played at The Shoe when Yancy went off, not that BS that Xavier pulled at Cintas. And this includes our fans acting with a lot more class than the Xavier fans did.

2.) We will get one of the top announcer crews, and possibly THE PRIMETIME spot, for the game next season but not if we call it off for a couple of years where the national media interest dies down. This publicity can't do anything but help us in recruiting and with ESPN and CBS wanting to give us more primetime games against more top competitions that they've been denyingus lately especially if they see a packed and raucus Shoe.

3.) Xavier fans can't claim that we're scared to play them. We say this with OSU and UK and it drives their fans nuts because they know that in a way it's true. I don't feel like hearing some Xavier fan telling me the same thing for the next few years.
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"If you're the fan of a team then you should support that program no matter how you feel about who is coaching them. Because if I'm not doing my job I will be gone but the program will still be there." - Mick Cronin
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This game has got to be played. They beat us up and down the court, but that game was our turning point. X may need the game more than us, but we need to beat X next year. Do it with respect. Play hard, but don't be stupid.

Now that Lyons is gone, and with Tu and Frease gone as well, the trash that started this mess, this year, will be gone. Not saying that it couldn't happen again, but the likelihood would be diminished.
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I honestly think it would be a huge mistake to continue the series as is with no changes as if nothing happened on Dec 10, 2011 simply because they beat us and we need payback. I think it goes way beyond wins or losses. I am all for giving it a break for at least 2 years, maybe 4. Just my .02.
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